Himould® Poly Washers

Himould® Poly Washers are moulded in LDPE to suit galvanised water pipe. They prevent damage from scratching to sinks, basins or appliances when joining pipe fittings to waste outlets. They are not intended to be a water-tight seal.

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Product Codes

Code Pipe Size OD ID Thickness Stocked Price
(inches) (mm) (mm) (mm)
823310 1/2″ 38.3mm 21.8mm 2.1mm Y $0.20
823320 3/4″ 41mm 26.8mm 2mm Y $0.24
823330 1″ 49.5mm 33.4mm 2mm Y $0.24
823340 1-1/4″ 61.2mm 40.5mm 2mm Y $0.24
823350 1-1/2″ 73mm 47.3mm 2.2mm Y $0.24
823360 2″ 76.8mm 59mm 2.2mm Y $0.69