Soft Tyre Wheels

These soft-tyred wheels are designed to fit standard steel and aluminium supermarket trolley or industrial trolley wheel castor yokes. The hub is moulded in polypropylene with a patented inter- facing rim, which provides permanent fixing to the thermoplastic rubber tyre. The combination of these two materials produce a wheel with superior cushioning and wear characteristics. Self-lubricating X-Lube® bushes are supplied as standard, with or without a stainless-steel sleeve with 10mm diameter bore. Steel ballrace bearings are also available and side covers can be fitted to the
125mm and 150mm hubs to give a more aesthetically- pleasing appearance.


  • Non-marking
  • Quite operation
  • Good impact resistance
  • Smooth-running


  • Supermarket Trolleys
  • Hospital Beds
  • Moveable equipment
  • Wooden-floored areas

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Product Codes

Part NoCodeDiameterWidthBore LengthLoad CapacityMaterialStocked
3628431452 9/16″653 1/8″20.5mm1610Nylon-6Y
9226020753″753 3/4″3 3/4″1700Nylon-6Y
4628431858″2002″3 1/8″1630Nylon-6Y