Polyhinge® is a revolutionary concept in tough, lightweight, corrosionresistant plastic hinging that requires no oiling. This patented hinge is extremely durable – its one continuous piece thermoplastic construction has been tested by over a million flexes without failing. And its effective use is indefinite, as flexing actually increases its life. Polyhinge® will safely support 9kg per 25mm of length and operates in a temperature range of 0˚C to 105˚C. Mechanical fastening is recommended using rivets, screws or staples – adhesive bonding does not provide adequate strength.


  • Non-corrosive
  • Non-conductive
  • Lightweight


  • Acid tank covers
  • Computer cabinetry
  • Marine covered doors

The Polyhinge has a width of 38mm or 50mm.

1 Unit has a length of 1meter.

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