Himould® End Caps

A superior nylon-6 material impregnated with molybdenum disulphide (MoS2) is used in the manufacture of Himould® end caps. This combination helps to lower friction, resulting in less wear and added self-lubricating properties, making them ideal for applications where roller lubrication is intermittent. Himould® conveyor roller end caps are designed to be a push-fit into the tube, with running clearance built into the bore. If an X-Lube® bush is fitted, sizes other than those listed will be available. The size range is being constantly expanded and quotations are welcomed for specific applications.


  • Self-lubricating
  • Excellent Wear Resistance
  • Non-Corrosive
  • Smooth and quite running


  • Production Lines
  • Fruit processing machinery
  • Transfer Tables
  • Conveying Equipment
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Product Codes

Product CodeTo FitOutside DiamterInside DiameterOverall WidthFlange DiameterFlange WidthStockedPrice
8003037/8″ I.D tube7/8″3/16″3/8″1″1/16″no$0.89
800303A7/8″ I.D tube7/8″5/16″3/8″1″1/16″no$0.89
74705025.4 x 1.2mm wall tube23mm5/16″1/2″1″1/16″no$1.66
7470461″ N.B water pipe1-1/16″3/8″1/2″1-3/16″1/16″yes$1.70
7470771-1/4″ N.B water pipe1-3/8″1/2″5/8″1-5/8″1/16″yes$2.08
7471201-1/2″ N.B water pipe1-5/8″1/4″3/4″1-7/8″3/32″no
7471191-1/2″ N.B water pipe1-5/8″5/8″3/4″1-7/8″3/32″yes$2.41
7471181-1/2″ N.B water pipe1-5/8″3/4″3/4″1-7/8″3/32″yes$3.24
80062442.8mm I.D PVC tube42.8mm5mm23mm46mm2.5mmno$0.76
74793551mm exhaust pipe48.2mm3/8″21mm51mm3mmyes$2.38
74793651mm exhaust pipe48.2mm10mm21mm51mm3mmyes$2.38
7471882″ N.B water pipe2-1/16″3/4″13/16″2-3/16″1/8″yes$2.76
7471892″ N.B water pipe2-1/16″7/16″13/16″2-3/16″1/8″yes$2.88
74712550mm N.B class D PVC tube53mm5/8″22mm60mm4mmyes$1.55