X-Lube Bushes: Metric Plain

X-Lube® bushes use a superior nylon-6 material impregnated with molybdenum disulphide (MoS2). This additive lowers friction which helps to reduce the need for lubrication and increases the life of the bush.


  • Self-lubricating
  • Low friction
  • Non-corrosive
  • Lightweight
  • Superior Chemical Resistance


  • Dry-running bearings
  • Hinges
  • Packers
  • Sleeves
  • Electrical Insulators
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Product Codes

Part No.Product CodeInside Diameter (mm)Outside Diameter (mm)Overall Length (mm)Stocked
P 200M745010B4820Yes
P 201M745030B51020No
P 202M745070B61020No
P 203M745050B61035No
P 784M745076B81034Yes
P 204M745110B81220Yes
P 205M745130B81235Yes
P 392M745090B81/2″1/2″Yes
P 566M745135B81610Yes
P 458M745150B101426Yes
P 206M745170B101620Yes
P 207M745190B101635Yes
P 492M745197B103815**Yes
P 208M745230B121620Yes
P 209M745210B121635Yes
P 70M745245B131619Yes
P 86M745250B132027Yes
P 127M745270B151819No
P 210M745290B162020Yes
P 211M745310B162035Yes
P 491M745315B164825**No
P 370M745330B182519Yes
P 212M745350B202520Yes
P 213M745370B202535Yes
P 61M745380B202590Yes
P 333M745390B202720Yes
P 722M745342B204021Yes
P 542M745395B204212**Yes
P 289M745410B252857Yes
P 664M745415B253020Yes
P 214M745450B253025Yes
P 215M745430B253035Yes
P 58M745470B254250**Yes
P 29M745490B285385**No
P 216M745510B303535Yes
P 419M745530B304050**No
P 694M745845B607050**Yes
P 693M745885B708042**No

Additional Information

These bushes have generally been designed with an interference fit on the OD to allow for a good push-fit into the housing. An additional clearance has also been allowed in the ID so that when the bush is installed, it will have the correct clearances for most applications.
It is important to check with LEP sales engineers if in doubt about the correct fitting and clearances of X-Lube® bushes. Other factors such as temperature variation, moisture absorption and bearing speed may mean additional clearance is necessary.
X-Lube® bushes are available in plain (P) or shouldered (S) configuration and are normally moulded in MoS2 filled nylon-6. However, other materials such as acetal can be supplied for specific applications, although minimum order quantities may apply.
Items marked * have a heavy-wall thickness and need to be machined to finished dimensions. This can be done in our well-equipped machine shops before delivery.
X-Lube® bushes are produced from special tooling developed by Mulford Engineering Plastics. This tooling is cost-effective and ideal for production of bushes for special requirements