Y Loc Radial Lobe Tri-Knobs: Female Threads

Y Loc®Tri-knobs feature a unique design which allows them to be either tightened (T) or released (R) without excessive use of force. The striations on the lobes are designed to provide maximum purchase when either tightening or releasing a thread, and are ideally suited for use in many applications. The opposing curves on the lobes will fit the hand perfectly and are aesthetically pleasing. Either Y Loc®configuration can be used for everyday applications, but specific features make them ideal for more specialised use, including:- Wet or underwater environments, where the Tri-knob needs to be frequently released (R configuration). Specialised applications where locking is important, without the risk of accidental loosening (T configuration). An alternative option is also available with a 3mm flange covering the 55mm OD of the radial lobes. This is aimed primarily at push-pull applications or for ease of spring compression. This Y Loc® option (not illustrated) is produced in both T and R configurations.

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Product Codes

866205 YN5R 1/4″ BSW
866206 YN5T
866210 YN10R 5/16″ BSW
866211 YN10T
866215 YN15R 3/8″ BSW
866216 YN15T


866250 YN50R M5
866251 YN50T
866255 YN55R M6
866256 YN55T
866260 YN60R M8
866261 YN60T
866265 YN65R M10
866266 YN65T

Meanings of T and R at the end of product codes:

**R: Easy To Undo

**T: Easy To Tighten